27-08-2019 / web article

The Italian tourist industry is keeping an eye on the rich Chinese market.

• Italian tourism is closely watching the “rich” Chinese market

Italian media PressItalia said that in the next five years, 700 million Chinese tourists will be welcomed around the world, and more than 21 million Chinese tourists will arrive in Europe, of which 10-15% will visit Chinese tourists in Europe (ie 2 million to 300) Ten thousand people will choose to come to Italy for a stay of about 7 to 10 days, and the stay time may be further extended in the future. According to the article, “Italy is one of the dream destinations of wealthy Eastern travelers. For this, Italy is very fortunate.”

The article also noted an interesting set of data: Many years ago, China, the world's most populous country, had only 16 billionaires, but today there are about 380 billionaires, accounting for almost one-fifth of the global total. And these wealthy rich people are mainly distributed in China's major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin.

For the increasingly affluent Chinese tourists, the article believes that Italy should come up with its most representative and unique resources, such as “Made in Italy” goods, climate, landscape, natural and cultural heritage, film, music and cooking. These are the main reasons and capital for Italy to become the most popular tourist destination; on the contrary, they are also the best entry point for the further development of the Italian tourism industry.

• The income from the travel industry is high, and the Chinese couple contributes a lot.

According to data from the Florence Tourism Research Centre (CTS), Italy's annual income from travel and marriage is about 380 million euros, and the industry is growing at a rapid rate. This achievement is mainly thanks to those couples from China, because their dream travel and marriage locations are often in Italy, especially in Tuscany.

In addition, many couples will choose to go to Italy for a pre-marriage trip before the wedding. Just like an early honeymoon tour, the photographer takes photos for the couple during their trip so that they can return to China after the wedding. You can show wedding photos with different styles.

The article pointed out that this industry is like a "gold mine", and everyone in restaurants, hotels, stylists, wedding planners, pastry designers, wedding film producers, etc., is expected to earn a lot of money. . The business news site Businessinsider (Italian version) also believes that although many of the couples who choose to marry in Italy are from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, China is an emerging market that cannot be ignored.

• 冀 upgrade services to meet Chinese customer needs

According to a market analysis data from TBA Holidays, a tourist service operator in Tuscany, Italy, the young Chinese rich who love Italian cultural history and art have been on the rise in Tuscany, so the local Less travel companies have focused their business on high-end itineraries, targeting family travelers and business travelers.

In this regard, TBA Holidays founder Aldo Gottardo said: "Our accommodation facilities and related services must be in place and are now ready. We are ready to meet those who are willing to spend more, but at the same time demand more. The higher the quality of the services we can provide, the more likely they are willing to spend."

Gottardo said that in order to provide better services to Chinese tourists and deepen their understanding of Italy, companies should focus on improving infrastructure and digital services. He pointed out that Chinese tourists are now used to go out with their mobile phones, using QR codes, UnionPay cards, credit cards, etc., and they will follow the guidelines and recommendations of WeChat, Tuniu and other software to travel. In Italy, in some areas, even Internet devices can't keep up. He believes that the Italian tourism industry must be prepared to deal with this reality. "In Italy, there are only a few hundred businesses that can meet the needs of Chinese tourists and have been awarded the 'Welcome China' certification."

Finally, he concluded that it is urgent to improve the quality of service and adapt to the needs of young Chinese travelers. “Only in this way, our tourism and economy will grow further and seize greater opportunities.” (Original title: Italian tourism The industry is keeping a close eye on the affluent Chinese market, and upgrading its services to welcome Chinese customers!)