26-03-2018 / Press release

Toscana notizie

Tuscany. The platform dedicated to historic houses is coming soon - The Tuscany Business Agency, which is in charge of consulting and support for Tuscan companies active in tourism promotion, enters the reservation market for historic houses. Soon the company will launch an innovative platform to promote the tourist residences of the Tuscany region, managed by Tba Holidays, a company branch created specifically for the new mission. Ready for the end of the year, the platform will collect the historical structures used for tourism presenting innovative methods, not only the structures, but also the history of the host family, the environment and traditions. In detail, the objective of Tba Holidays is to provide photographic services, shooting with the drone, 360 ° photos, virtual tours and official videos for each structure, in order to offer tourists a complete and realistic view of the house.

Read the article here: http://www.toscana-notizie.it/-/variazione-di-bilancio-49-milioni-in-piu-destinati-a-sviluppo-e-ammodernamento-scarica-il-podcast-trn