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A tax for the summer

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Booking the hotel for your holidays on the web is now an ordinary practice for many tourists, who mainly turn to two portals: from their web pages they spend about 200 billion dollars of hotel reservations all over the world. But what lies behind the convenience of booking everything with a click? Very high commissions, between 18% and 30%, which seriously erode the profit margins of the hotels. And then an alleged immense tax evasion, VAT and income taxes. The prosecutors in Rome and Genoa investigate on booking, which in Italy collects commissions in the order of 800 million, but pays just 4.7 million in taxes, 0.6%. While Expedia accumulates its commissions in a Swiss company, strictly without VAT. In short, our travels would feed great tax-free wealth. How to break this system? Report reveals some tricks, which also allows you to save a little.

BET OF 10/06/2019
ECONOMY by Manuele Bonaccorsi

Collaboration of Lorenzo Di Pietro

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